Conner and Raven after he's brought to life.

Disney's Pinocchio with characters from Teen Titans.

The CastEdit

Conner Kent as Pinocchio

Raven as Jiminy Cricket

Clark Kent as Geppetto

Lois Lane as Cleo

Krypto as Figaro

Shayera Hol as the Blue Fairy

Brother Blood as Coachman

Slade & Jack as Honest John

Harley as Giddy

Lex Luthor as Stramboli

Red X as Lampwhick


Jiminy Cricket's character is made into an orphaned human girl.

It's also established that Raven is telling the story to her daughter.

Cleo's role is essentially deleted and split into two, Clark and Lois.

Instead of a cat, Clark and Lois have a dog.

Honest John (Fowlfellow) is split into two characters halfway through the story, one is Slade, and the other is Joker's former civilian identity, named Jack Johnson.

Instead of being called a grasshopper, Raven's simply called a girl.

Also, Raven's ability to breathe underwater is explained by a pill provided by Shayera.

Instead of being stuck outside of Monstro like in the movie, Raven goes in with Conner.

An extra scene at the end of the story shows that Conner and Raven have married.


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