Main characters in Conner Kent.


Little Superboy

Conner brought to life.

Conner Kent - Conner was a puppet made by Clark and clothed by Lois. When Clark made a wish for Conner to be a real boy, the angel Shayera used her power to bring Conner to life, and he was amazed that he could move, talk, and walk. He then asked why Shayera gave him life and learned about his parents' wish. He then learned that he wouldn't be a real boy until he proved himself brave, truthful, and unselfish. He then learned that he had to learn how to choose between right and wrong and ended up with a young girl named Raven as his conscience. He then asks Raven for her advice and just ends up more confused. She then just contents him by saying that if he ever needs her, whistle. He then falls off the bench and gives his parents a fright when he explains what he was doing on the floor. Once they were sure they weren't dreaming, Conner was introduced to his mother, Lois, his father, Clark, and their dog, Krypto. He then played with fire before his parents put him out and told him never to play with fire again. He then went to bed and was told that he would start school in the morning. He then asked why, and after giving a final answer, he went to sleep telling his parents he loved them as he petted Krypto. Conner was then sent off to school as he brought an apple for his teacher. He then ran into two people named Slade and Harley, who tricked him into going to a man named Lex Luthor to become an actor. He then ran into Raven, and after Harley accidentally slammed Slade's hat on top of his head, he was told by Raven to stat that he had to go to school. Instead, he went off to be an actor. He ended up as the closing act of Luthor's puppet show as Superboy, the stringless puppet, and he was a great success. As Conner waited to be told he could go home, he was given a bent piece of metal as payment and took that to mean he could leave before Luthor picked him up and trapped him inside a bird cage. He then cried to be let out, but Luthor refused and said that he planned to use Conner until he couldn't make money off of him anymore, at which point, he would be used as firewood. He then cried for Raven who didn't show up and simply ended up crying. When Raven arrived and asked what happened, he gave a litteral version of what Luthor told him, and he learned that Raven couldn't open the lock, so they were stuck there. Conner then cried that he should have listened to Raven about going to school. Conner then cried for his mommy and daddy. When Shayera was about to arrive, Conner hid his face until Shayera pointed out that she could see him. She then asked what happened, and Conner told a whopper about being captured by two monsters and being thrown in a sack with Raven and chopped up into firewood. The lie was so large, that his nose ended up looking like the branch of an old tree. Shayera then explained what lies could do, and Conner promised never to lie again and begged for her and Raven to be able to leave. Shayera granted their request, returning Conner's nose to normal and unlocking the door. Conner then got out and headed home with Raven. Conner was about to go back home when he ran into Slade and Harley again, with their friend Jack. He's then tricked into thinking he's ill and is dragged to a coach to Pleasure Island. On the coach, Conner met a teenager named Red X, and once they arrived at Pleasure Island, Conner ate several things of ice cream, hot dogs, and pies, and went with Red when he suggested poking someone in the eye. Conner also began destroying several items in a model home mistakingly thinking that being bad was a good thing. Eventually, Conner relaxed at the pool hall with Red. Conner then imitated Red when he took a long drag, and he only ended up making himself sick. He was then shouted at by Raven for smoking and playing pool. When Raven was about to pick a fight with Red, Conner pulled her back and called him his best friend. This made Raven go off, and Conner wasn't able to call her back. Shortly after that, Conner saw Red turn into a donkey, which alarmed him greatly. Conner then began to panic as he gained donkey ears and a tail. When Raven arrived, he apologized and agreed with Raven that all the "friends" he made were nothing but temptations, and the two then ran off and jumped into the ocean to escape before Conner could completely turn into a donkey. Eventually, they made it back to Smallville and the Kent Farm. They then knocked on the door. When Raven comented that maybe they were asleep, Conner looked into the bed room and didn't see either of his parents or Krypto. When Raven read out a note that Clark and Lois went looking for him and ended up swallowed by a whale named Monstro, Conner rushed to a ledge to save his parents. He then tied his new tail around a rock to make sure he stayed at the bottom of the sea to save his parents. After Raven agreed to go with him, they walked along the sea floor to look for Conner's mom and dad. He eventually sees Monstro and runs from him as he charges, and Raven unties the rock from his tail while he untied the rock on Raven's cloak before they charged out of the sea when they were swallowed by Monstro. Being swallowed was slightly fun for Conner, and he later grabbed a fish that was being pulled away from the digestive track and reunited with his mother and father. When they noticed his ears and tail, he ashamedly was about to tell them what happened when they said that it didn't matter and hugged him. Upon hearing that his parents had already tried to get out but failed, he realized he could use smoke to make the whale sneeze and worked with Raven and Clark to burn a lot of wood and as Monstro prepared to sneeze, he helped push a raft Clark and Lois made to Monstro's mouth, and they were blown out. They then had to race away from Monstro as he charged, and the raft was eventually destroyed. He then grabbed his father while Raven and Krypto grabbed his mother, and he led them to a cave by the shore. Just as he made it in, Monstro smashed into the cave, and the resulting surge of water resulted in Conner dying from internal damage and splintered limbs. He was taken home and placed on Clark and Lois' bed as they mourned for him. He was then revived and made a real boy by Shayera for all the courage and unselfishness he'd shown in saving them from Monstro. He then woke up and discovered he was a real boy. After that, he told his parents, and they cheered at his revival and celebrated his re-birthday. Years later, Conner and Raven fell in love, got married, and had a daughter named Kara.

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Raven runs after Conner.

Raven Roth - A woman in her thirties. To get her daughter to sleep, she tells about how she believed in the power of wishing on a star. When she was a little girl, she ran away from an orphanage that spanked and hurt her and arrived in a town called Smallville. There, she arrived at a wood-carver and farmer's house that belonged to the Kents. When Raven entered and warmed herself up, she saw a puppet that looked like a little boy, and when Mr. and Mrs. Kent arrived, Raven hid under a very large music box to avoid being found and sent back to the orphanage. She then saw Mr. Kent put the finishing touches on Clark, and when he activated the music box, Raven ended up getting spanked and beaten around by the cogs, gears, and other workings of the clock, so she left and simply hid on it by pretending to be part of it. After the Kents went to bed, Raven heard about their wish for the puppet, named Conner, to be a real boy, Raven thought it was nice but unpractical. When she was kept awake by all the clocks, she shouted for quiet. When Shayera arrived, she saw her bring Conner to life. When Conner didn't know how to tell what right and wrong were, Raven guessed that he was already mentally a real boy as he was dumb enough to be one. She then told him what a conscience was when he asked and was offered to be Superboy's conscience, but she wasn't sure until Shayera used reverse psychology to make her accept, and she is promised that she might get a badge for the job if she does a good job. Raven then tried to explain right and wrong to Conner, but she only ended up confusing both of them. She then said that whenever Conner needed her, he just needed to whistle. Then, after the Kents came down and realized that Conner could talk, Conner introduced them to Raven. She then said hi and was allowed to stay. After getting tucked into bed, she fell asleep at once, petting Krypto. She then ended up over sleeping and had to rush out of bed to get to Conner and found him going in the opposite direction of school and grabbed a girl named Harley's hair to try and get them to stop. Harley nearly smashes her with a mallet but only ends up smashing her friend Slade in the head. Raven then tries to explain to Conner that Slade and Harley are bad people, and he has to go to school, but he ends up going to a guy named Lex Luthor instead. Raven wonders what she should do. She figures that telling Mr. and Mrs. Kent, snitching, would be bad, so she goes after Conner herself. Raven then watched Conner on stage just to see him make a fool out of himself, but instead, he's a success, and Raven leaves as she figures that an actor doesn't need a conscience, and she's not needed. She later decided that she could wish Conner could luck, and when she went inside Luthor's wagon, she learned a childish distortion of Luthor's plan from Conner, and she tried to pick the lock of the cave he was in to get her out, but it didn't work, and she said that only a miracle could save them now. She then cried at the bad job she did as a conscience and cried for Conner's mommy and daddy as well as her own deceased ones. It was then that Shayera arrived, and Raven hid in a corner. Shayera then explained that she could see her, and Raven came out. She then managed to convince Superboy to tell the truth to Shayera, and she helped them escape. They then ran back home. On the way home, Raven challenges Conner to a race when Conner's held back by Slade, Harley, and their friend Jack. She then runs after Conner when they drag Conner off to Pleasure Island. Raven eventually made it to the coach and clung on as it went to the boat to Pleasure Island. At Pleasure Island, Raven looked all over for Conner, and she got beaten around by passing boys, skinning her knee at one point. She didn't like Pleasure Island especially since most of the coachman's aids were dressed in black and hid their faces. A few hours later, Raven wondered what happened to all the boys that had covered the area all over. She then found Conner in a pool hall and shouted at him for what he was doing. When Red called Raven a girl and taunted her, Raven was about to try and beat Red up before Conner held her back and called Red his best friend. With that, Raven shouted at Conner about how she had been the one who had helped him over the past day and tried to save him. She then went off. As she walked on, she managed to see a bunch of donkeys and learned from Blood the coachman that the donkeys were actually the boys he'd brought, made into donkeys by their bad habbits. Raven then rushed off to save Conner, and by the time she'd got there. Conner already had donkey ears and a tail. They then escaped together by jumping off a cliff into the ocean and swimming for the shore. They eventually made it back to Smallville and the Kent Farm. After knocking and ringing the door bell, Raven figured that they were asleep and checked the bedroom, but neither Mr. and Mrs. Kent, nor Krypto were there. Suddenly, Raven found a letter and read it alloud to reveal that Mr. and Mrs. Kent had been looking for Conner when they were swallowed by a whale named Monstro. She then tried to talk Conner out of going as she heard about how Monstro was a whale of a whale. When that failed, she decided to help him and suddenly found a pill to allow her to breath underwater, so she dived down with Conner. She then tied a rock to the end of her cloak to keep her on the ocean floor as she looked for Mr. and Mrs. Kent with Conner. Raven then found Monstro and ran with Conner when he charged at them. When Raven ended up stuck by her cloak, Conner untied her, and she untied Conner's tail, and they rushed to the surface only to be consumed by Monstro. She was the most concerned as they were about to become whale waste when they grabbed onto some fish being pulled away and was reunited with Clark and Lois. She was then welcomed into the family's group hug and squealed when she got licked by Krypto. She easily caught on to what Conner was planning and helped him make smoke to make Monstro sneeze, which included putting a blanket over the fire to cause the smoke to expland. They escaped on a raft Mr. and Mrs. Kent built, and Raven ende dup clinging to Krypto after Monstro destroyed the raft. She then grabbed hold of Conner's mom while Conner grabbed his dad, and she and Krypto followed Conner to a cave, and they were the first to enter it thanks to Krypto, and they were pushed into the shore when Monstro slammed into the cave. She then looked for Conner and saw him face down and lifeless as she cried for him to wake up. Raven then mourned for Conner until he was revived and made a real boy by Shayera and cheered with the others. She then quickly went outside to thank Shayera and was given a gold badge that named Raven an official conscience. She thanked Shayera and went inside to play with Conner. Years later, she and Conner fell in love and married. They then had Kara.


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Blood asks if Slade, Jack, and Harley asked if they'd like to make some real money.

Blood - A coachman who takes stupid little boys, who disobey the rules and play hooky, to Pleasure Island. While talking with a man named Honest Slade and his cohorts, Jolly Jack and Harley, he promises them an enormous amount of money in exchange of bringing some extra prospects to him, claiming that there was no risk as no one came back from Pleasure Island as boys. Blood then took several boys, including Conner, to Pleasure Island. Once the boys left and began playing around, Blood told his men to lock the gates in and out of the island and to get crates ready. He then smirked about the fact that if you give a bad boy enough of the stuff they got on Pleasure Island, they'd make a jack-ass out of himself in the end. Only a few hours after arriving, most of the boys had turned into donkeys. He then gave the usual test to make sure that they completely transformed. He'd ask a donkey brought to him his name. If he simply brayed, he'd tear off any clothes the boy still had on him and put him in a crate to be sold to the salt mines. If the donkey said his name, he'd put him in a pen to be held and used to work at Pleasure Island for the rest of his days, just what they had wanted when they arrived.

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Slade tells what he did to Conner.

Honest Slade Wilson - A conman. He once tried to pass his friend and cohort, Harley, off as a puppet and sell her to Lex Luthor, and it nearly worked, but he still failed, and it resulted in the arrest of another of his friends, Jack. One day soon after this, he sees a living puppet boy without strings, and Slade decides he could sell him to Luthor to make a nice chunk of change. Slade then tripped Conner up and tricked him into thinking becoming an actor was a good idea. As he was taking Conner to Luthor, he ended up with his hat banged over him when Harley thought she had a raven in her hair. His hat was eventually pulled off, and he took Conner to Luthor's wagon. After freeing Jack from jail, Slade treated the two to a few drinks at the Red Lobster and told them and a coach men about how he duped Conner. He then showed the remainder of the money Luthor gave them, which was a respectable amount. Upon seeing the amount Blood offered them, Slade listened to him, and he learned how Blood was collecting stupid little boys for Pleasure Island. This easily humbled Slade, and he was now reluctant to be associated with him, but he was forced into it. He later saw Conner and greeted him before Jack played doctor and convinced Conner that he was ill, and Slade took hold of Conner's shoulders and shoved him off to Blood's coach to Pleasure Island.

Jack (Batman)

Jack smirks at a new job.

Jolly Jack Johnson - Slade and Harley's other associate. He helped Slade in attempting to trick Luthor into buying Harley as a puppet, but Luthor found out, and Jack ended up being arrested. He was released once Slade and Harley sold a wooden boy named Conner Kent to Luthor. Jack then learned about what happened over drinks at the Red Lobster. When a coachman named Blood offered them an enormous amount of money for a job, Jack was the first to suspect it was a murder job, but he then learned that Blood was taking stupid little boys to Pleasure Island. This seemed to upset Jack due to what went on on Pleasure Island, and he was concerned about cops. He then commented about how he was crazy enough to mess with Luthor but not someone from Pleasure Island. When they saw a passing Conner, Jack took his turn to dupe him by pretending to be a doctor and pretending to diagnose that Conner was ill. He then said that the only cure was a vacation to Pleasure Island. He then gave Conner a joker card and pretended that it was a ticket. He then took Conner's right arm and dragged him to Blood's coach to Pleasure Island.

Harleen Quinzell (Batman)

Harley excited about getting her boyfriend out of jail.

Harley Quinzelle - An associate of Slade's. She's fairly willing to do anything as she allowed herself to be dressed up as a puppet and nearly sold to Lex Luthor until it failed, and her boyfriend, Jack, ended up arrested. She then saw Conner, a living puppet without strings, and she asked if they could use some of the money they'll get for him to get Jack out of prison. She was going to club him with a mallet before Slade told her that he'd handle it. She also became afraid a raven was in her hair when Conner said hello to his friend Raven, who was pulling her hair. Harley then smashed Slade with her mallet and was yelled at by Slade before they took Conner to Luthor's wagon. Harley was delighted when Jack was freed. She also laughed when Slade retold how they duped Conner. When she found out that a man they had been talking to wanted them to get him stupid little boys to take to Pleasure Island, Harley was frightened by this as if they were caught it would mean a one-way ticket to jail. She went along anyway as she was too frightened by the man to disagree. She then pretended that Jack was a doctor as he brought Conner over to him when they ran into him that night. She then pretended to take notes during the fake diagnosis, but all it was was a drawing of herself and Jack as a married couple with a baby boy. She then took Conner's left arm as they dragged him off to Pleasure Island.