• Dai-Kon Hal

    The various versions of Lex Luthor.

    This version of Lex Luthor is portrayed more as a mad scientist and power hungry dictator than the Lex Luthor we're used to seeing.

    Lex is an incredibly skilled scientist, having used various inventions to conquer several minor European nations before being stopped by Superman and using the remainder of his resources to stop Superman.

    This version of Lex Luthor became the ruler of numerous small European nations through his inventions before he was stopped by Superman.

    Lex's rivalry with Superman stems from when Superman stopped him from causing a war within his small empire and has been his driving force throughout the rest of his appearances.

    This version of Luthor is portrayed as a vengeful scientist who g…

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  • Dai-Kon Hal

    Comparing the Clown Prince of Crime.

    Joker is willing to kill but more interested in over-the-top crimes. He's prankish and playful. He's also more interested in the publicity rather than the crime itself.

    The Joker is a persistent enemy, but more so because of the fact that Batman can't figure out his plan.

    This Joker is much more psychotic than the previous incarnation, having been driven insane by a fight with Batman as the Red Hood. He's also able to fight off Batman, Robin, and Superman working together. He can also even be a struggle for the Justice League.

    The Joker is much more threatening in this version. His past with Batman goes back before he was the Joker and when he was the Red Hood and lept into a vat of acid to avoid Batman, le…

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  • Dai-Kon Hal

    Comparing Harley Quinn.

    This Harley is insane, and everything she does is to get into the Joker's good terms. She's also very fit and intelligent, though hidden by a bumbling attitude that often bites her in the butt. She can easily be handled by Batman, Robin, and Batgirl. She also has a friendship with Poison Ivy.

    Harley was an intern at Arkham before the Joker twisted her, but she appeared to have done well until the Joker twisted her, after which, she relied more on fighting and clown-based weaponry rather than her mind.

    Harley is completely devoted to the Joker, to the point of obsession. This is easily her Achilles heel, and not even the most extreme actions of the Joker snaps her out of it.

    After a forced mission with Suicide Squad, Har…

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  • Dai-Kon Hal

    Comparing the Batman.

    Bruce Wayne is much more of a calm person without any playboy activity, even becoming a police commissioner. His motivations for being Batman are the same however.

    Bruce makes a much more violent Batman, even using a gun in his earlier appearances and killing. He does however lighten up when he takes Robin as his sidekick and also his daughter with Catwoman, Huntress. He eventually retires the role.

    Bruce makes a decent mentor, but the relationship is heavily improved upon in later versions.

    Bruce Wayne is a more light-hearted version of the Golden Age Batman. He also hangs out with Robin a lot more and is perfectly accepting of him becoming Nightwing. He is also far more intelligent and like a Detective.

    Batman is much mo…

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  • Dai-Kon Hal

    Comparing the likenesses of my favorite Robin.

    Grayson is still fairly lighthearted, but he also refuses to become Batman as he believes only Bruce Wayne can be Batman. Instead, he just continues on as Robin into his adult life, the only Dick Grayson to do so.

    Unlike all other interpretations, Dick Grayson is only Robin and still serves as Batman's sidekick until Batman retired the role, He was also a member of the Justice Society of America in this universe.

    As stated before, Nightwing never existed in the Golden Age, only an older version of Robin.

    Aside from a quick Silver Age appearance where Robin wears a Batman-like outfit, Robin never becomes Batman.

    This Grayson is essentially the same as Earth-2, but in addition, he has an attraction t…

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