Comparing the Clown Prince of Crime.


Golden Age



Joker during one of his first encounters with The Batman.

Joker is willing to kill but more interested in over-the-top crimes. He's prankish and playful. He's also more interested in the publicity rather than the crime itself.

Rivalry with Batman

The Joker is a persistent enemy, but more so because of the fact that Batman can't figure out his plan.

Silver Age



Joker during the Silver Age.

This Joker is much more psychotic than the previous incarnation, having been driven insane by a fight with Batman as the Red Hood. He's also able to fight off Batman, Robin, and Superman working together. He can also even be a struggle for the Justice League.

Rivalry with Batman

The Joker is much more threatening in this version. His past with Batman goes back before he was the Joker and when he was the Red Hood and lept into a vat of acid to avoid Batman, leaving him disfigured and insane. He is also obsessed with getting back at Batman.